I LOVE my Kasino

September 29, 2011 00:33 by Jaime
But you guys knew that, didn't you? In fact, it's hardly fair that this is yet another post on Kasino when Kadence was such a good girl. So let's start there.

But you guys knew that, didn't you?  In fact, it's hardly fair that this is yet another post on Kasino when Kadence was such a good girl.  So let's start there.

yearling longe line prospect

I like to spend some time focusing and warming up Kadence.  Both she and I benefit from some extended jogging and some huntseat speed loping.  But today I asked her to jog off and she stuck her cute little nose in the bridle and pitty patted around with a short, cadenced stride that felt awesome.  We did a little of that and practiced the neck reining and then off we loped.  Everything was awesome, under control, and pretty darned sweet.  I didn't even have to try.  So Kadence had a short day.

Bonus time for Kasino!  That left me plenty of time for Kasino.  Although we started strong with practicing and learning (some of you may remember all his lessons from the Kasino Series), rain, Kadence, and other commitments had left no real time for him in the last few weeks.  Today was different.  I pulled him out and started just leading him around the barnyard.  His whole attitude was "whatever, I don't care," and he walked beside me with his neck level and his head at my waist.  I was thinking about the yearling leading lesson I wrote about.  I pushed my hand forward and clucked.  I instantly had a jogging weanling beside me!  There are rocks and stuff around so we only went about four strides.  I pulled my hand back and said "hey easy baby," and he took the slack out of the rope and then instantly broke to a walk and dropped his head.  I was seriously about to PEE MY PANTS!  I thought, "what if this was a fluke?" and pushed my hand forward again.  My cluck wasn't even fully formed as he jogged off, leaving ME to catch up with my own hand.  I jogged off to catch up with my own cue.  We repeated this a couple more times.  He got some super baby scratching and then we were done.

I love my Kasino. Laughing

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