Animal Genetics awesome experience with Gbed testing

March 20, 2014 07:40 by Jaime

Kharma tested for Gbed

So this year Kharma is booked back to Red White N Good, a super fancy red roan son of Zippos Mr Goodbar and also a half brother to One Hot Krymsun.  I saw this guy as a half broke two year old and fell in love.  Obsessed might be a better word!  So "Irish" as he is called is NGb for Gbed, so the responsible thing to do is ensure Kharma is NN before proceeding.

Enter Animal Genetics

Back in 2007, I sent a sample of Kharma's hair to Animal Genetics for lethal white testing.  This past Monday, I sent them an email at 6PM asking if the sample was still on file, and if so, could I run a Gbed test on it.  I got a response two hours later - yes 8:12 PM!  They had the sample and could run the test that week.  I found out I could call them with a credit card and did so during my lunch hour on Wednesday.  The lady who took my information was extremely helpful and pleasant.  

At 2:36PM on Wednesday, I had an email from them stating Kharma was Gbed NN.  A hard copy will follow by snail mail.  If you can beat that customer service, I would love to hear the story.  Please tell me in the comments below!

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